TED Talks for Entrepreneurs - Perfecting Your Elevator Pitch

TED Talks – Perfecting Your Elevator Pitch

An elevator pitch helps you to sell yourself and your company in just 30 seconds. By confidently being able to sum up your business, you are able to convey what you truly stand for to investors and potential clients. In this series of TED Talks, three successful entrepreneurs talk about how to perfect your business pitch and get the backing you need.

What do you do?’ is often one the first things you hear when you meet someone, and will definitely be the first thing you might be asked when speaking to potential clients or investors. Yet even the most quick witted of business people struggle to give a great answer to this question. In this TED Talk, Michelle Golden, growth strategist and president of Golden Practices Inc teaches an alternative, more effective approach to the elevator speech that will have people eager to enter into business with you.

David S. Rose: 10 things to know before you pitch a VC

In this TED Talk, serial entrepreneur David S. Rose talks about the 10 things you need to know about yourself and your business before starting up your slideshow and pitching an idea to VCs. The most important thing that people want to know is who they are investing in. Within a 15 minute pitch, you need to convey to your potential investors who you are and what you stand for. He also lists the most important characteristics investors look for, including integrity, passion, experience and skill, and explains how to showcase these.

Jason Teteak: Give a TED talk everywhere you go

What if you could command a room in business the way that TED Talk speakers do? Jason Teteak, author of ‘Rule the Room’, outlines the process for giving engaging presentations by using your own unique personality style. Whether you’re pitching a business to investors or you are trying to win over clients, this TED Talk will help you make sure everyone is listening.

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