Air Force, I am a Fan. Are you?

Air Force, Happy 72nd!!!
Today it is the birthday of the US Air Force and here at Amor Umbrella we want to celebrate it.

The U.S. Air Force, one of America’s five armed forces was established on 18 September 1947, and has kept our nation’s air space safe since that day. Day in and day out they do an incredible job, with their heroism and valor.

Semper Paratus - Always Ready. It is the Coast Guard motto and that says it all...
They are a military, multi-mission, maritime force offering a unique blend of military, law enforcement, humanitarian, regulatory, and diplomatic capabilities.
Did you know that the Coast Guard performs 11 official missions?
They include:
Port & Waterway Security
They protect marine resources and maritime commerce. They also work in the prevention of terrorist attacks and response when terrorist acts do occur.
The Coast Guard, during an average day, will:
  • Board 100 large vessels for port safety checks
Drug Interdiction
They are the first line of defense against drug smugglers seeking to bring illegal substances into the United States.
The Coast Guard, during an average day, will:
  • Seize 169 pounds of marijuana and 306 pounds of cocaine worth $9,589,000
Aids to Navigation
They are responsible for ensuring the nautical network of signs, symbols, buoys, markers, light houses, and regulations are up to date and functioning properly so recreational and commercial boaters can safely navigate the maritime environment.
The Coast Guard, during an average day, will:
  • Service 135 aids to navigation
Search & Rescue
With their search and rescue (SAR) mission they helps boaters in distress preventing the loss of life, personal injury, and property damage.
The Coast Guard, during an average day, will:
  • Conduct 109 search and rescue cases
Living Marine Resources
They enforce domestic and international fisheries laws, as well as protecting the U.S. Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) (it comprises 3.4 million square miles of ocean & more than 90,000 miles of coastline) from foreign encroachment.
Marine Safety

They provide immediate response to save lives and property in peril.
The Coast Guard, during an average day, will:
  • Save 10 lives assist 192 people in distress
Defense Readiness
They are by statute in time of war or when directed by the President, an armed force operating under the Navy and functioning as a specialized service.
As well as part of Department of Homeland Defense having command responsibilities for the U.S. Maritime Defense Zone, countering potential threats to America's coasts, ports, and inland waterways through numerous port-security, harbor-defense, and coastal-warfare operations and exercises.
Migrant Interdiction
The Coast Guard, during an average day, will:
  • Intercept 14 illegal migrants
Marine Environmental Protection
They develops & enforces regulations to avert the introduction of invasive species into the maritime environment, stop unauthorized ocean dumping, and prevent oil and chemical spills.
Ice Operations
The Coast Guard conducts ice breaking operations in the Great Lakes and Northeast regions in icy waters to allow safe maritime commerce. They operate the only U.S.-flagged heavy icebreakers capable of providing year-round access to the Polar regions.
Law Enforcement
They not only enforces international agreements to eliminate  illegal, unreported, and unregulated fishing activity in international waters. They also protect the integrity of our nation’s maritime borders and ensure the health of U.S. fisheries.
In other words, They are Amazing... I am a FAN. Are you?


What about you?

Do you like a particular branch? Do you know a hero that you would like to highligh?

I cannot wait to read everyone’s reviews and hear your ideas! It is simple.

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