What do you do with a broken umbrella?

You bought and umbrella and then this happen to you...



What do you do? Do you just throw it away?

It might be an special one? Do you repair it?

or maybe, just maybe you reuse it and transformed it into something beautiful and useful..

Some DIY ideas for you:

A Beautiful Bag

Create a beautiful Umbrella Door Decoration

Source: DesingbyDazzle

How to:
1: Cover the umbrella with a coat of white spray paint. (Make sure to cover the umbrella completely and evenly)
2: Let the first coat dry completely
3. Use a foam brush to paint the acrylic craft paint directly onto the umbrella. (*the acrylic paint might crack*)
4: Fill the umbrella with stems of beautiful flowers
5. Finally, hang the umbrella on the door

Create a Ceiling Decoration
A pretty parasol could make a high ceiling pop.

Fancy Paper Lighting Fixtures Flickr Find Diy Parasol Light Illuminazione Creativit E Creativo

source: the cubicle views

source: catch my party

Create a Center Piece

 Let your garden reflect your personality.

Source: upcycled-wonders.com

Create Shade For Potted Plants
Turn your old umbrella into a greenhouse or a protective covering for your plants.

Protect your flowers from the Rain

Create a Garden Support Trellis
Repurpose it into a garden support trellis for vegetables, fruits and flowers

Source: patioumbrellas.com

Source: davesgarden.com
1. Simply remove the canvas from the frame
2. Place at the center of your garden
3. Rubber mallet the pole deep enough into the soil (the exterior teak “ribs” rest upon the ground)

Don't Forget your Pets!!!
Repurpose into a raincoat for your pup

Source: RecyclingZychal

How to Measure your Dog:


What about you?

How would you repurpose an old umbrellas? Do you have any videos or pictures that you would like to share with us?

I cannot wait to read everyone’s reviews and hear your ideas! It is simple.

Let me know in the comments below.

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