We traded our College Books for a day of Celebration

We traded our College Books for a day of Celebration

The Propeller Club of Port Miami second annual Miami Dade College Night, co-hosted with the Florida Customs Brokers & Forwarders Association, Inc. was an incredible event. 

The speaker Ken Roberts from WorldCity was amazing, sharing a lot of insight about the future of trade in Miami. Everything looked great.

We got the opportunity thanks to Propeller Club and MDC to showcase our Amor Umbrella collection. 

 picture of The Heart Amor Umbrella, photo credit: Niurka Castaneda

picture of The Heart Amor Umbrella, photo credit: Niurka Castaneda

A big thanks, to Professor Richard Sarabia, DBA for his continuous support and everything else that you do. 

picture of Richard Sarabia, DBA, Paula Pereira da Silva, Niurka Castaneda & Fin' MDC Mascot

Also, thank to all those that made MDC nigh possible for your support and teamwork. 

Diana Restrepo , Sandra Tamayo, Paula Pereira Da Silva,  Silvia Litvinov, Theresa Smith, Gretel Perez. Nafeesa Larson, Nixie Marquez, Sheyla Diaz, Fernando Pavon, Wealthé Cysttén Lueiro, Jessalyn Martinez, Rana Shehadeh, Ph.D., MBA, Sarah Tuskey, Richard Sarabia, DBA , Sari Govantes, my brother Javier Castaneda)

my brother Javier Castaneda and me Niurka Castaneda

The sponsors: WTDC, International Bonded Couriers, Inc., Port of Miami Terminal Operating Company, LC ( POMTOC ), Farovi Shipping Corp, Miguel (Mike) Fernandez MDC School of Business, Dr. Ed Baker. Check out the pictures from the events amorumbrella, umbrellas mdccommunity

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Niurka Castaneda is a Veteran, an author,  a professional logistician, a world traveler, and a dog lover. She is also an Entrepreneur and the Founder of Amor Umbrella .  Check more about her and about her entrepreneurial mission.

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