Poetry Contest

Amor Umbrella will be conducting a poetry contest:

Umbrellas shield you from the elements, both sun and rain. However, must of the cheap umbrellas that you buy at the pharmacy or the store become bent and distorted in the wind, ending in the landfill. They are imperfect.

What protects you like an umbrella?

What shields you?

What covers you?

Think about these questions and use 10 minute free write style to answer them 



Prompts are only suggestions, read the other participants' poems, share the #amorumbrella hashtag on social media, and add a link to your own poem in the comments below.
Some music to set the mode:

Are you ready?

Share your poem with us below:

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Niurka Castaneda is a Veteran, an author,  a professional logistician, a world traveler, and a dog lover. She is also an Entrepreneur and the Founder of Amor Umbrella .  Check more about her and about her entrepreneurial mission.

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